Abandoned Car Pickup


Old cars can take up a lot of space and sometimes it’s best to just get rid of it.  It’s not likely it’s worth the cost to fix, and you’d be better off just call St. Charles Tow to take care of it for you.  

We have been offering abandoned car pickup services to the residents of Missouri (primarily the St. Charles area) for years.  

We’re available 24/7 so call the number below today!

Call us today at 636-487-0195!

If you’re a business owner and random cars just keep getting left on your lot, call us!  

If you own a piece of land and someone dumped and old scrap, junk car on it, call us.  

We can pull a car out of almost any situation so you can be rest assured the problem will be rectified in a quick, safe, affordable manner.  

We’ve seen all types of situations and there’s nothing we can’t handle.  We’re one of the top towing services in all of Missouri, and St. Charles residents have come to love the fair rates and great customer service we offer here at St. Charles Tow!

Give us a call or fill out the form on this page. 

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For Immediate towing or roadside assistance please call us direct at 636-487-0195!